Bloody Nora


Bloody Nora – Gruppenfoto

So, what does “Independent Rock” mean?

If “Independent” means retaining musical freedom to make fresh and original music, instead of producing re-hashed boredom for a specific target group, and if “Rock” means bringing full power onto stage, – then Bloody Nora are Independent Rock at its best.

Since the beginning of 2009, the four Munich-by-choice musicians (with roots between South London and Schwäbisch Gmünd) are working on the band sound: convincing, with catchy songwriting, confering their passion to the audience and, last but not least,– energizing people to dance.

It’s the original sound of Bloody Nora, perfectly suited for a cellar club or a sleazy bar. Anyway, Bloody Nora is not a cocktail...

Bloody Nora are:
Nurse Diesel on drums
Tom on vocals
Sin Innuendo on bass
Martin on guitar